Live in Balance.....

Join the mission let's restore generational independence and wealth. Love your family, yourself, and our Earth is key to harmonizing with universal energy. We have always had the power, time to use it is now.

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Finished Community Projects

Made with Divine Love

Organic Farm and homestead providing affordable aquaponics towers for beginner's and experienced growers, allowing families to grow Organic nutritious produce and protein all year long in any climate in their own kitchens, systems available for use with or without a greenhouse. For those who prefer simplicity order our monthly subscriptions box filled with Organic and hand crafted all natural goods. Sales of any product or service provides 30% of funding towards the creation of community growing and learning centers throughout the states. Allowing your purchase and support to radiate and give communities and underprivileged families a place to learn, grow and succeed.


Vertical Aquaponics Towers

This is a Aquaponics Tower it operates a natural symbiotic system that uses fish, shrimp, crayfish and snail waste to fertilize fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. Each system is hand crafted with parts printed using a 3'D Printer and organic grade pvc pipe and food grade copper. The vertical Aquaponics Towers combine the nutritional factors from Aquaponics and the vertical design of Aeroponic systems. Growing (vertical) to maximize space and producing quality and quantity. This system is portable and can be placed inside the home, on your deck, in greenhouses, basements, barns basically anywhere. It's portable lighterweight design allows a multitude of plants to be grown in a very small space. Great systems to bring into your home as a valuable addition to supplementing your families food supplies as well as a great learning tool and fun Family activity. With the rising food costs it's at a all time high to teach the value of sustainable green growing and teaching self-sufficiency at all ages and budgets. Grow at Home, Support Organic Farms.

Learning courses

Virtual and hands-on training

Field-trips and learning classes will also be available to purchase and attend teaching courses and demonstrations on Greenhouse Growing and maintance, Aquaponics and holistic medicines, Beekeeping, Meditation and coaching, Organic/holistic growing systems, back to earth learning utilizing Solar, Geo-thermal and water energy platforms. Teaching these skills is the path to a bright, abundant future. Join the mission let's restore generational independence and wealth.

Subscription (Monthly)

Organic Treasures Box

All our organic fruits and vegetables, along with handmade all natural beauty and bath Products, Handmade Gifts, Holistic remedies, mindfulness/wellness and science/discovery boxes avaliable for purchase and by monthly subscriptions sent from our organic farm and homestead directly to your door and family.

Danielle Ballard (founder)

I am dedicated to helping every household gain access to fresh, nutrient-rich food that's affordable and accessible. By providing the equipment needed and the learning to provide growth and self-sufficiency. Growing up in poverty embedded a deep understanding of the hardship and my mission is to restore generational independence and wealth to all families. We all have a unique story the teaches us a great gift to share with the world. Whats yours? Each product is created with love, compassion and positive belief. Let's take control of ourselves and the environment that we are caretakers of. Help me on this journey, give life a sustainable advantage, harness your power and Live in Balance.